Katy kiss and diss! - Amber

Although most of you have already heard about this I am still going to review it for those of you who haven't. I wont go into too much detail mainly because it is disturbing. Anyways, on with the news. At one of the concerts for Miley Cyrus's Bangerz Tour Katy had attended it got pretty weird. Katy was standing right next to the bottom of the stage when Miley was preforming the song Adore You. Miley leaned down next to Katy and they had a full on lip-lock moment! Madonna and Brittney did it, and now Katy and Miley have done it. Sometimes I just think... what has our generation come too. Another day KP got asked about it on the australian morning show Sunrise and she totally dissed Miley! Shocker! When asked about it she said "...God knows where that tongue has been. we don't know..." well thats that! According to Katy, Miley's tongue is infamous. WOW!

Pray for beliebers! - Amber 

Since I'm a belieber, this is really hard for me to admit :'(! After Justin Bieber's latest album he started going downhill pretty quickly (i will catch you if you fall). it was a rough patch, not only for him, but for beliebers too! I am honestly glad he is taking some time off. he is giving himself some time to clear his mind. So far its working because he has been staying out of trouble. Lets hope it stays that way and he can overcome this bump in the road! <3 

Lorde drama! - Amber

Oh my, I'm not even going to go into detail with this! Lorde has drama with half of the celebrities on this freaking planet! She always sees herself as the victim but I'm not to sure anymore since she is in the center of most of the "dissing" drama!


Okay first lets just get something straight... these boys are absolutely amazing. So the first thing I want to talk about is kind of a touchy subject:(.  It's about the fight between Carter and Nash :'(! So basically, to kind of break it down, Nash went to playlist without the other boys, and while he was there he sent Carter a video of some girl making fun of him and Nash just kind of laughed about it. Although Nash found this funny, Carter did not. So tbh guys, yes, I think what Nash did was a somewhat jerk move, but who are we to judge or to give hate? Yes, I know, "we're the fans we have a right to our opinions," and yes, I agree, but this is none of our business! Nash messed up, but I think him and Carter are mature enough to work it out on their own without us picking sides and sending hate. Don't get me wrong I feel terrible for Carter, but I'm not going to stop loving Nash just because he made a dumb mistake. I think half of the magcon fans need to step back, take a breath, and just think rationally for a minute. Lets all just hope this whole thing works out for the best :)! <3 

Magcon is splitting up... WHAT?! - Amber

OH MY LORD! So I'm going to clear this up for all of you guys right now. First I just want to let you know that I really wanted to write this yesterday when I heard about all of this, but it was just way to DEPRESSING! So in my opinion I'm not going to completely believe this until it actually happens because I choose to be in denial for as long as I can because I want to see what the actual outcome will be! What most people have been saying is that 1) Shawn is going on tour with Austin Mahone. 2) Cam and Nash tried out for a T.V. show, so if they get the parts they will no longer be with us. 3) Jack and Jack are going to college next year. They aren't little kids anymore :'(! 4) Matt and Carter are trying to form a group that will stay here in LA. I'm happy that all of their careers are taking off, but I don't want all of this to end so soon! Tell me what you guys think in the request section and I may feature it in my next video!

Selena Gomez "corrupted" by JB- Amber

Selena Gomez was resently in rehab. Most of you would think that the "Jelena haters" would be very happy about this, but your wrong. This actually upset them even more since both she, and her family, blamed Justin Bieber for this!!! I think that this is absolutely ridiculous because whether JB influenced her or nahhhh it would be completely her choice to accept the offer. Selena Gomez has her own free will, so there is no way he could've corrupted her. As for the subject of JB and Selena being back together i would rather not comment on that until I am completely positive!

One Direction going hip-hop?! - Amber

WHAT? 1D is going hip-hop? Many of you directioners out there have either not heard about this or do not believe it. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about (Maddie) I will explain it right now! Many people are saying that Zayn, the bad boy from Bratford, found his "true calling." Supposedly, he wants to be a rapper. People are saying that on their next album they will be singing a new rap song that Zayn personally wrote! Don't worry they will still be doing pop music they will just be doing other things too. We will all just have to wait and see what happens!:)

The start of a new beginning- Amber

Okay guys yesterday was a very sad night for all of magcult, but today Nash Grier has reassured us that everything will be okay! Last night our entire fanbase felt like it was shattering into a million pieces. The (ex) magcon boys were tweeting things like "goodbye" and "I will miss you" messages. It was super hectic. Then, Taylor Caniff tweeted something saying that it was all a joke which gave us hope, but it also upset us that they would be so cruel to play a joke like that! Don't worry they would never be that cruel. Taylor had sadly given us false hope :(. Even though we were completely devastated many people were over reacting by trending the hashtag #cutformagcon. I believe that was COMPLETELY uncalled for because all it did was worry and disappoint the boys! Although I understand that this hashtag was stupid, but the cruelest thing going on was the haters making fun of it! People were calling the boys pieces of trash and also saying things like "I'm glad their fans are cutting it's funny and they deserve it." What kind of heartless person would wish pain and suffering upon people they don't even know?! Anyways, moving on to the more possative side... today (4/18/12) Nash posted a video on YouTube saying that they will all be sticking together and still be trying to meet us, but they just won't be under the NAME magcon anymore. ITS JUST THE NAME. Everything is okay guys! I just have one question... what will their fans be called now since we obviously can no longer be "magcult" (leave your answer in the request section)!?

Ansel Elogort and Shailene Woodly - Amber

So everyone has been asking what's the dish on these two phenomenal actors! People have been wondering if it would be strange between them since they played brother and sister divergent and now they are playing boyfriend and girlfriend in TFIOS. Both actors stated that it is not awkward because they don't see each  other as Caleb and Tris anymore because now they are getting into their characters as Hazel and Augustus. I am so happy that these two are playing these parts because they are so wonderful! I absolutely cannot wait foe TFIOS movie!

clippers drama- Amber (info from Trent Birch)

​Since most of you already know about this i will try to make it short. Donald Sterling said to his girlfriend that he no longer wanted her bringing her African-American friends to his games. He was fined 2.5 million dollars and he had to sell his team. The controversy now is that even though what he said was wrong he should not be fined because he was using his freedom of speech. This argument actually doesn't apply in this situation because the NBA has their own set of rules, and they have their own "NBA constitution" that is not allowed to be violated, so they had every right to punish Donald for his actions. 

Halle has to pay up- Amber

So long story short.... Halle has to pay child support! Halle Berry has to pay her "baby daddy," Gabriel Aubrey $16,000 dollars A MONTH to pay for their 6 year old daughter's, Nahla, child support!