San Bernardino Art wall- Amber

I was driving back home from my cousins house in San Bernardino and I saw this! It was being painted by two artist named Mark and Micheal! NO IT'S NOT ILLEGAL GRAFFITI! They actually got permission from the city and the supplies was being provided by cal state university! It's so great to see people doing positive things and brightening up that somewhat "dark" neighborhood. It was awesome!

​My trip to the Museum of Tolerance- Amber

Although the holocaust was not a positive event, the trip to the Museum of Tolerance affected me in a positive way. This museum shows all the horrible things in history (not just the holocaust), and it shows us how to prevent it.This museum is very important because it shows how bad things can get, and it reminds to make sure that we never repeat our past mistakes. It also helped me understand how bad being prejudice can be! The Museum of Tolerance was a great experience that i won't forget! 

My experience with Peter Fischl - Amber

For those of you who don't know Peter Fischl is one of the living holocaust survivors. He became known by many people because of the poem that he wrote. If you would like to read it just google "To The Little Polish Boy Standing With His Arms Up." his story was truly inspiring. I'm not going to go into very much detail, but I just wanted to say that his speech changed me for the better. He gave meaning to the saying "don't take things for granted." He was truly amazing!