Frozen- review by Amber & Meghan

If you like Disney movies than this is definitely one to watch! This movie is great to watch with all of your family. Its also good for just wanting to get a laugh with your friends! Disney did a great job of portraying a super cute heartfelt movie. If you are as emotional as we are this movie could definitely make you cry. All of the characters in these movies are just so overwhelmingly ADORABLE! They did a great job of bringing their thought out characters to life on the big screen. Many of the characters, such as queen Elsa have become some of the new princess idols for young children. This movie was an amazing new fairy tale, and we definitely think that it is going to become one of the new best Disney classics!

Divergent - review by Amber and Meghan

Divergent was an amazing movie! First off for those of you who are confused about the genre... I don't blame you. This movie was categorized as science fiction/ fantasy but the book is mainly categorized as a dystopian novel (sometimes called apocalyptic literature). The movie is so diverse (hence the name and the whole point of the story LOL)! it has action, sadness, love, and everything in between. The actors they casted to play the parts of the main characters are absolutely astonishing! If you are craving some adventure this movie is for you! Also, keep your eyes pealed for my book review on Divergent which I will try to get up by next Sunday. 

The hunger Games- Amber

For this review please check under the books section!

Captain America The Winter Soldier- Amber and Meghan

This movie had it all! It had tear jerking moments, shocking secrets, crazy plot twists, exciting action, and so much more. The minute you  think that you know what is going of you will be thrown off guard with another twist! the characters in the movie did a great job of portraying their parts. this movie was extremely well made and we loved every minute of it!! You should all go out and watch this ASAP! (btw i know that's not the right cover but my computer wouldn't let me put the right one -,-)

Rio 2- Amber and Meghan

Disney has done it once again! This is another super cute family movie. It was basically a cartoon adventure. Throughout the middle of the movie it was actually kind of sad, but as always it had a happy ending. It was actually somewhat strange because, yes it was somewhat predictable, but it wasn't as predictable as Disney usually is. It was actually a nice change:)!

The Fault In Our Stars <3 - Amber 

This movie was an absolutely wonderful representation of the even more amazing book! Although, I was upset that they left out a few of my favorite things from the book (like the quote in the picture above), overall it was a beautifully written and thought out movie. the cast, as expected, brought their characters alive PERFECTLY! My friends and I cried when it started because we were so happy we were finally going to see it! We cried basically throughout the whole entire movie, and I'm pretty sure we were fangirling out of control!  I couldn't ask for more from this movie because it is by far my new favorite movie of all time! :) <3